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FQG Sallow-Media Filter

FQG spherical shallow media filter is designed with a spherical shell. A unique interior design ensures the water flow stable, filtering effects. Backwash formed numerous inner loop flows in high efficiency. Comparing with other sand filters, there are the automatic filtering, automatic backwashing, and using less sand, saving water. The advantages are as the following:

With unique 48 Spherical filtering unit, has many advantages;
FQG sallow-media filtration system uses a modular design, depending on the flow, cover and so on, select a combination flexible multiple filtering unit;
FQG system using timing mode and pressure differential mode, which operate automatically the Backwashing cycle, backwashs the filtration units in the system in order, and No interruption of downstream flow during backwashing;
During backwash, the FQG system formed the turbulence with a high backwashing efficiency, short cycle and minimal volume of reject water (30% less than regular sand filter backwash water);
Small sizes, light weights, easy to install;

Filtration cycle
When water is filtered, the water passes through three layers of water distributor with the spherical shell, reaches the media of the filter inside the filter in almost flatus water flows. The filtered water passes through 55 filtered water collectors in mushroom-shaped with pressure differential make-up, and then flows out. The flatus water flow filtration ensures that the water filtration will be able to filter quickly and good.

Backwash cycle
During a backwash, filtered water passes through a three-way backwash valve and is backfilled into filters, the fillers in media layer are flushed up to down, specially designed water collector formed loop water flow, that makes fillers rub and hit each other while impurities and particles are discharged through a three-way backwash.

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