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General Series Filters
General Series Filters

The most general self-cleaning system on the market
, Ideal for a wide arrange of applications
, Compact design,big flow rates
, Installed in the most customers sites worldwide
, 100% effective cleaning on both sides of screen
, Low maintenance
, Short payback period
, No interruption of flow during self-cleaning cycle
, Filtration rate:50-3000mic

Filters With Automatic By-Pass
Filters With Automatic By-Pass

The ideal filtration solution in every industry
This type of automatic self-cleaning water filters,based on innovative technology,have been installed in thouss of customer sites worldwide in a wide array of industrial applications:
, heavy industry-steel,chemicals,automobiles,cement
, hi-tech electronics
, power stations
, nuclear installations
, mines
, sewage treatment plants
, offshore

Filters With Two Grades Auto. Self-Clean
Filters With Two Grades Auto. Self-Clean...

Ideal for directly intake any type of water (river, well, pond, reclaimed wastewater, etc.)
, Two sets of automatic self-cleaning systems both for coarse screen fine screen.
, Removes bigger pieces of solid particles, gravel, algae, silt, leaves, snails, mussels, rubbish, etc.
, Remove fine solid particles, algae, silt, etc.
, Protects pop-up sprinklers electrically operated valves.
, Easily installed in golf course pumping station.
, No external power required.
, Short payback period.

Compact Mode Series Filters
Compact Mode Series Filters

The ideal filtration solution for a wide range of applications
, Innovative technology
, Self-locking mechanism to prevent over-flushing
, No external power required
, Filtered water continues to flow to the system during the backflush cycle
, Short pay-back period
, Easy to install maintain

Filters With Eletronic Controlers
Filters With Eletronic Controlers

, Timing backflush cycles Pressure differential backflush both available
, Requires no external power
, The fine screen is atuomatically cleaned through a cycle triggered by a preset pressure differential of dirt build-up
, Continuous backflush system models
, 100% effective cleaning on both sides of the screen
, No interruption of flow during self-cleaning cycle
, Available in automatic or semi-automatic self-cleaning modes
, Easy installation,compact size,does not require foundations
, Minimum maintenance required
, Low pressure loss
, High flow rate per unit
, Filtration of particularly dirty water
, Less filters required
, Large screen areas
, Short payback period

FQG Sallow-Media Filter
FQG Sallow-Media Filter

, With unique 48 ̄ Spherical filtering unit, has many advantages;
, Uses a modular design, depending on the flow, cover so on, select a combination flexible multiple filtering unit;
, FQG system using timing mode pressure differential mode, operate automatically the Backwashing cycle in order;
, No interruption of downstream flow during backwashing;
, During backwash, the FQG system formed the turbulence with a high backwashing efficiency;
, short cycle minimal volume of reject water (30% less than regular s filter backwash water);
, Small sizes, light weights, easy to install;


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